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Revista Telematics is a web and app based fleet management tracking system based on the Global Telemetrics platform, offering the complete solution to help you monitor your vehicles and drivers. The powerful suite of reporting and management tools ensures you have the full insight into the productivity of your fleet alongside providing security and protection.

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Speeding, harsh accelerating and cornering

The ability to monitor driving ability is an important tool to your business as it can ultimately save you money. This is because vehicles fitted with Revista Telematics typically use 15% less fuel. As an example, if a vehicle uses £100 a week of fuel, a 15% saving could represent a saving of £780 a year.

Due to the vehicle being monitored, savings can also be made through reduced wear and tear as less strain will be placed on the:
- engine through reduced harsh acceleration
- brake pads and discs through reduced harsh braking
- tyres and suspension through reduced harsh cornering

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Powered by Google Maps

Live maps display the locations of your fleet in near real time accurate to within 3 meters.

Easily edit vehicle details with descriptions and assign drivers for easy identification. Stop & Play icons notify users if a vehicle is driving or parked.

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Every mile captured and recorded

Journey history is captured from the point of installation & stored for the life of the account and fully accessible directly from the Global Telemetrics platform.

Journey history reports highlights distance travelled, number of journeys and total drive time for that reporting period.

Users can select a specific vehicle or driver that opens a full journey history breakdown with street level information & postcode detail. This includes start, stopped and end times for each journey.

Harsh driving events can also be displayed that occurred along the route. with time, location and event severity.

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Information at your fingertips

Revista Telematics offers users an ever-growing suite of reports that aim to drive efficiencies, simplify fleet administration, improve visibility & help reduce the risk.

Reports can be saved, scheduled and shared quickly via e-mail in Excel or PDF straight from the platform.

All reports can be run based on individual vehicle, groups or all vehicles.

Users can select from pre-set reporting parameters or use the custom date range finder to report between specific time periods.

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Improve compliance and efficiencies

Global Telemtrics offers a suite of reports that aim to increase compliance, improve accuracy of information submitted by drivers & drive efficiencies throughout the fleet.

All reports can be saved, scheduled & e-mailed at specified times and dates in both excel & PDF format.

In addition to reports, Global Telemetrics can also generate alerts that allow for proactive change management.

Alerts are a fantastic tool to drive efficiencies across the fleet without having to constantly monitor the system. 

Alerts can be sent via text or e-mail to one or more users for speeding, excessive idling, out of hours use (if not permitted), if a device is disconnected from power & geofence alerts. 

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Create personalised perimeters

Geofences allow users to create a perimeter around a key business location (customer, supplier, office, depot) and receive notifications when all vehicles or a specific vehicle enters or exits that area.

Geofences are commonly used to ensure vehicles arrive and leave site on time, monitor frequency of visits to specific sites or to ensure drivers arrive home safely which is particularly useful for lone working, although they do have many more applications.

Once a geofence is created, alerts can then be setup to notify a specific individual via text or e-mail when a vehicle enters or exits the geofenced area.

Custom geofences are especially ideal for monitoring vehicles entering the congestion and ULEZ zone to prevent unnecessary fines.

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The hardware for the Revista Telematics Solution is provided and installed for just £49.99 plus VAT, helping to minimise your initial investment and maintaining the business' cash flow.
For your convenience, our nationwide network of engineers will come to your premises to install the system, typically taking less than 1 hour to complete the work, which ensures that there is minimal disruption to your business.
The unit is hardwired and completely integrated into the vehicle which means that the unit along with all the wires are completely hidden, maintaining your vehicles look and image.
If would like to have the Revista Telematics system installed into your fleet, please click on one of the Order buttons below and you will be able to place your order with our exclusive distributor


£49.99+VAT for the equipment

Subscription charged at £9.99+VAT per month

Free installation anywhere in the UK

Access to web and app portals

3 years warranty

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